Vila Hana

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Villa Hana offers to our dear guests renting double and quadruple private rooms with bathroom, TV and WIFI and unique view of the Loket Castle in the picturesque historic town of Loket located in the triangle of world famous spas in Western Bohemia ie. Carlsbad, Franzensbad and Marienbad. The entire building is non-smoking and are comfortably and tastefully furnished.

indexSmall The villa was built in 1893 in a quiet location on the southern sunny hillside above the river Eger, just opposite the castle at Loket. This beautiful location allows us breathtaking views of the castle itself which was built in 13 th century A.D. Therefore, this place encourages for rest and relaxation all year round .

The villa has undergone a total refurbishment, so today could comfortably serve their owners, but also the guests who are very pleased to visit this place for more than 18 years. From the original house there has been preserved old wooden roof, which can be seen in the rooms "Outlook" and "Cozy".

Ubytování v soukromí
First Class
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